Artist Statement

My work as a fiber artist focuses on the alteration of structures, both physical and ideological. Employing both traditional and non-traditional techniques and a variety of materials, I strive to create thought-provoking pieces that convey effects over time.

Deterioration, in some cases, is not undesirable; a patina can take over a once shiny and new surface, bringing with it depth and rich texture. In others -perhaps a break down in a system – it is unsettling. I am concerned with our alterations to the environment that in turn may alter us.  I explore multi-step processes which  are themselves, change over time: loose, wool fibers become interlocked into felt, yarn is woven into cloth, an open weave structure is transformed into a thick, dense sculpture.

I am also interested in documenting moments in time, as well as the people in those moments and how they are remembered. What will be recalled in a decade? A generation? A century? What was significant? What will fame, a career, an idea, be distilled to in the future?